How is Los Cabos San Lucas.

Los Cabos is great place for some vacations for the reason that have a great weather and
one of the most pretty place in all Mexico. When I went their the weather was very greatexternal image 1116669.jpg
not to hot, not to cool all the days but some days were very hot.
When I was their my brother, my cousen and me went all the days to the beachs becase we were living on front of the beachs. All the hotels that are in front of the beaches are awesome for the reason that you can go to the beachs wen you want to. All the people that live in Los Cabos San Lucas are great, they dosent bother you.

external image solmarbeach_1747_r2.jpg

Los Cabos San Lucas has great hotels with pools, and they are in frent of the beaches,and they are very big. Los Cabos San Lucas is good place for honeymoon. I hope you some day go and vist Los Cabos San Lucas.