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Have you ever feel good experience in your life of great authentic food of your country in this country or state? My most favorite restaurant is Maharaja's Durbar. This is a South Indian restaurant. I came to know about this restaurant through word- of- mouth. One of my cousins had dined there and had recently told me to try it out. She said it is the best Indian restaurant in the whole Atlanta. At first I thought it might be one of those same old typical Indian restaurants but decided to check it out anyway, so with my friends and family we decided to try an Indian cuisine. I told them about Maharaja's Darbar on Lamar Street in Austin, Atlanta that my cousin had recommended. Everyone was so excited to try out the new restaurant and Indian cuisine. We called to reserve a table for six of us. Indian food has a strong history of origination. The food is prepared in authentic style and taste. The food is very rich in spices and flavor. The aroma of Dehradun basmati rice can be smelled few stores away. When we got there, we were awestruck by the decors of the ancient Mughal palace with rich Indian incense smell and melodious sitar music of Pandit Ravi Shankar playing softly and that was a very valuable lesson of how rich the Indian culture is and how glad we were to have experienced the food and culture of Indian subcontinent. The food was just the best Indian food ever tasted and the most memorable remarkable experience. We did not feel like leaving the restaurant after the meals.