Welcome to the cuban hotels.

The cuban hotesl are the most beautiful hotels that i ever see im my live. One of the thinks i sed about why is beautifull is because are in a island in front of a beautifull beach. The other thinks is becaouse they are fill with cuban tradition. i like the cuban hotels in varadero becouase they are like in the united state with pool beaches in the front etc.
Picture1.jpg This picture are some hotels in varadero cuba, this hotels are 5 star beautifull some are for a single people, other are for a relationship, and other for a family. The beaches are beautifull some times people from the hotels sell food on the beaches so the people don't have to go back to get some food for lunch or diner. Some people stay until 3 am or 5am in the beaches. Some time they do party in the beaches they play bames etc. Tourism go to varadero for vacation and make fun with they family. Also the people go to varadero cuba to make a seremony or matrimony. Some sigle people go too loking for a relationship and they get maried in cuba with a beatifull girl of orther country or from cuba.

Picture7.jpgThis hotel is one of the 5 star with a pool in the fornt for the people. This have very little bar for drink alcohol for the aduls. The tourism like those kind of hotels because near from the beach and they make fun. The people play some domino too in the hotels, make fun dace etc. I love varadero cuba because there is were the people go to make fun, to be happy one time in hi/her live.
Picture6.jpgThis pic is another hotel but this one have a restaurant out side. In the restaurant you can eat some traditional food or from other contry. The traditional food in cuba are rise with frijoles with meet soda or archool drinks etc. some arcohol drinks that we have in cuba are very diferent from the arcohol here we have: Bucanero, Cristal, indian, Havana Club, etc.
Picture4.jpgThis beach is one of our famous beaches in cuba because is clean, beatifull and is alowed to drink alcohol in it. I like to go here because a lot of hot girls go here alone so i can get easy a relationship with one of her. Some girls are very hot and they are lokking for a relationship. I love cuban girls beacuse are more creasy. Have you ever dace with a cuban girl? mean its amaizing. One of the think i love cuban girl is because they are beautiful and i love how they dace, they make me crazy. I LOVE CUBAN GIRLS.

Picture3.jpgThis Picture show a little river for the people that are in hotels with boat they can go to open ocean to fich or just for a travel. This kind of hotels are more spencive beacouse the boats. Also you can swim in the little river if you want to.

Picture5.jpgThis hotel is the most espensive beacuse the strocture is made from a roman and the food is very traditional, also the wine that they have as ver very old and very delicious. This hotel have a big pool were you can stay all night and do what ever u want. This hotel is like 10 star because is very big and have a lot fo tradition from cuba. Thats is why its very spensive. I like this hotel but at the same time i dont like it because is too spesive.
Cuban_flag_low_res.jpg If u lookin for a vacation, a fun vacation you shoul go to varader cuba becasue is were a lot of fun hapens and you can make a lot of funyoo. No metter if u single or no you can go with you family too is beautiful and have a lot of traditiunal thinks from cuba you can go learn some tradition from cuba bring some thinks that u like from there and then u can tell to some friend about you esperience in cuba. I love cuba and i love the beaches of varadero you shoul go there.