Have you ever gone to Los Azufres in Michoacan? If not I'm going to explain you a little bit of what activities we do in this beautiful place. This place consist in a little mountain that is beautiful with a lot of nature.

Los Azufres Michoacan is a place where you and your family can have a lot of fun! For example, you can go camping or enjoy the thermal waters or the hotels and shelter that Los Azufres has or you just can go for a walk! This place is located in the middle of the top of a little mountain near a road that takes you to the city of Ciudad Hidalgo. Los Azufres place is very comfortable. It has very warm weather. Sometimes it's dry and others it's wet. It's a place with a lot of tourism; for example, people from Mexico City come and enjoy all these things. Some people say that this place is on top of a volcano. That's why it has thermal waters and warm weather.
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On the mountain in some places, there are hotels and cabins and other warm waters where you can swim and relax far from the main area. As an alternative, you just can go and visit La Laguna Verde(Green Lagoon) where a lot of cars get into the mud; they race and run around the lagoon and on the road! That's a lot of fun. If you go someday, you will have a lot of fun and excitement! A lot of people come to this events on Saturdays or Sundays. People came with their own cars but if they do not want to race they just watch. The best thing is that it does not matter if your car is old or new! The matter is just to have a lot of fun! There are some other options if you want you can race in a sport motorcicle.
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external image 3345384736_7697edd14e.jpgexternal image laguna.jpgThis place is hidden, you have to take a 5 minutes road to get there!!!!!!
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You can stay in this cabins if you want to stay near los azufres with natural and thermal waters or you just can rest and relax, this cabins have all services tv cable, electricity, etc. that means everything you have in your home!!!!!!!!! if you want to enjoy the services this cabins have just go to this link it will give you more information about it. http://www.mexonline.com/michoacan/erendira-esp.htm
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Farther from there are some kind of smokestacks that are belching vapor, which comes from underground. As you can see in the picture, these things are called "Geothermal Power Plants." This place is about 1 hour from the city of Morelia, the capital of the state. You can see them by going on the road that takes you to Ciudad Hidalgo. This little mountain is very beautiful because there is a lot of nature. This place is green from everywhere. Also when you take the road to the city
Ciudad Hidalgo you can see wild animals for example horses,cows, or some other animal in the road that you can find.
external image in3.jpgThis big tubes or smockstacks are the Geothermal Power Plants. Also people say that this tubes help to get the electricity around there. but this power plants are very dangerous why? Because some animals had die nearest there they got burned because of the hot water.

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This is an example how they live. This animals cannot be tamed because they are wild and if the government sees that you are trying to catch them you can go to jail or pay a fine depending in the animal! Also it depends on the character of the government member. If he is a corrupt worker he will fine you with a lot of money but if he is a nice person maybe he just will accept the "little mordida". That means you give an amount of money to this person but it can be less money than the fine they should give to you!

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I hope you could come some day to this beautiful place in Michoacan.!!!!!! You will have a lot of fun!