*Hey everyone* in these page you are going to find more about puebla( puebla de los angeles, or puebla de zaragosa)

Where is Puebla located? Puebla is located in the south-central part of the country, to the east of Mexico, and the west of the port of Veracruz on the main route between the two. Puebla Is México 4th largest city and among the oldest cities in the country, It is one of Mexico’s cities that has bets preserved its colonial architecture. Puebla is also Know as “Puebla de los Angeles” OR puebla de Zaragoza.
Puebla is surrounded with 4 volcanoes one of them is the popocatepelt an active volcano, is the second highest peak in Mexico City after the Pico de Orizaba. The name Popocatepetl comes from the Nahuatl words popoca * it smokes* and tepetl * mountain, * the smoking mountain.

Legends of the Popocatepetl
One of many legends tells the tale that many years before Cortés came to Mexico, the Aztecs lived in Tenochtitlan, today's Mexico City. The chief of the Aztecs had a beautiful daughter named Iztaccíhuatl. Izta grew up and fell in love with a captain of a tribe named Popocatépetl or Popoca. Popoca asked for the Emperor's permission to marry his daughter and he agreed to the arrangement under one condition, Popoca had to bring the head

of the enemy chief back from the war, in order to marry his daughter.
Several months passed and an adversary of Popoca sent a false message back to Izta that her loved one had died in battle. When Izta heard her lover's fate she was overcome by the news, refused to eat and died of grief. Popoca returned victorious. He carried his beloved to the mountains and put her down to rest, then plunged a dagger in his broken heart. The gods covered
them with snow and changed them into famous peaks in Mexico.Together in eternity are Iztaccíhuatl's mountain "La Mujer Dormida" (Sleeping Woman), and Popocatépetl's volcano, still active today raining fire on Earth in blind rage at the loss of his beloved. The mujer dormida has also more names for example (la malinche) and the volcano is call don (gollo) it has different names but are the same..

The weather in Puebla

Temperatures are fairly constant year-round, during the day time the temperatures range from 21°c to 27°c (70°f to 80°f). At night, the temperature drops to around c (45°f).There is littlie rainfall from November to March, but from April through October the rains are very common. And this temperature is great because is not to
Hot or to cold and also you can be walking by the streets or be outside of your hose.

The food in Puebla MOLE.jpg
Mole is the typical food in Puebla, the mole poblano is very difficult to make, and you need a lot of ingredient and a lot of time. Here are the ingredients that you need to make mole poblano.

*3 types of pepper
*black pepper
And much more!!!!