external image 2914470281_cedf30789d.jpgexternal image 220px-Saint_Ni%C3%B1o_de_Atocha.jpgexternal image 2914472935_a7ae0fe7dc.jpgAfter Fresnillo (of course), Plateros is the second most beautiful city in Zacatecas and it is considered by many part of Fresnillo... However, Plateros is more like a sanctuary for "el Santo Niño De Atocha." Many people who have seen the Holy Child (Santo Niño) say that the basket he is holding on his right hand, always has flowers in it. But many others say it is not flowers that are inside the basket; they say the basket has bread and never runs out of it.

El Santo Niño De Atocha was named like that because of Atocha, a city in Spain where the image originated.