The Oregon Zoo

IN the Oregon zoo you would find many

types of animls that are in the zoo for some reazons the first one
Maybe they were born ther.
Second they were rescued by people that work in the zoo.

Thise animals that were brought to the zoo they find very different friends
like thise two they both probably didn't think that they would loose a family
but that they would have of find a friend relly different to they and a new bigger family that would always protect they and love them.

external image _42623695_out3_416_ap.jpg

thise cute animal is in danger of extinction because in one really good reazon people are destroying the forest where thise little animals live and people don't understand that with out animals there would be no people because the world works like a machine and it needs everyone working together and if one part does not work the whole machine stops working.

But thise people dont understand that.

external image no%20more%20trees%20because%20of%20Sakhalin%20II.jpg But they are not all sad stories like in the zoo animals have fun and they see other types of animals and they take care of their