external image view2-cc-keirn.jpg​​Would you like to know more about Oaxaca's traditional food and magic places ?

i chose one of the best places of Oaxaca : Monte Aban

first i would like to tell you a little bit of Oaxaca's geografhy.

then i going to talk more about Monte Alban

Oaxaca is one of the 31 states of Mexico, located in the southeast part of the country.

Oaxaca has very beautiful places to visit. One of those places is Monte Alban.

File:Monte alban stela02.jpg
File:Monte alban stela02.jpg
Monte Alban's history:
Monte Alban is a large pre-Columbian archeological site.
This site is located in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. It was built by the Zapotec people around 500 BC.
By 800 AD, Monte Alban was abandoned. Arount the 13th century, it was adopted by the Mixtec people.

Monte Alban is a spiritual place where you can go and relax; also you can have a wonderful
Monte Alban Observatory
Monte Alban Observatory
day looking the pyramids with your family. They have some hotels and restaurants where you can have the best day of your life!

In Oaxaca, you also can try delicious food. If you want to try all the kinds of food, just click here for the best food from Oaxaca!