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Learn more about Mexico and its beautiful beaches. For example, Cancun is known for some of the most famous beaches in Mexico, and also for the great time that you are going to have. Furthermore, you will love the places that you can go for shopping.


Cancun is one of the beautiful places that you can go for vacations in Mexico. The tourism is really common in this part of Mexico, food is really tropical and original, and of course tourists love the beaches and the islands all around.

cancun mexico vacations
cancun mexico vacations

History and Setting

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Cancun has a lot of history like Mexico, even though it is part of it. Cancun is located in Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is also located in the Benito Juarez municipality. Although the most famous hotels are on the coast
, Cancun is located in the mainland. The "centro" is one of the oldest parts of Cancun. In this area there are a lot of parks, pedestrian walkways, and also various national historical monuments. "Cancun" means "Snake's Den." This name was given by the Mayas, and it was given because there were many species of snakes. The Mayas are one of the oldest civilitations of Mexico. To find out about Chi
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Acapulco View
Acapulco View

At night you can go out and go to dance all kinds of music or just hang out with your friends or family members. In the restaurants there is entertainment, too, like people dancing "folkloricos," typical dances of Mexico. In the auditoriums there are Mariachi or Opera that you can watch, if you like it. There are a clubs that you can go too. Of course, the best thing about Cancun is the beach, that you can enjoy whenever you want.

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The Hotels are great and really comfortable. The service is good and you can visit this page to find more information about Cancun and its hotels: Hotels

The Cancun's hotels are amazing and really big. As you see in the pictures above, there are hotels with different forms and shapes. All the hotels are close to the ocean, so you can feel the air of the ocean as well. If you have never visited Cancun keep it in mind to visit. You are going to love it.

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Cancun also offers you many activities that you can enjoy as you visit Cancun. Everyday you can try different things that you are going to enjoy. In Cancun there are many sports that have to be with water. For example you can go swimming, to the banana, or other sports. If you don't know how to swim then you can play volleyball, or just go around the beach and discover the beautiful things that Cancun offers you.

This is the time to go to Cancun. Don't waste any more time. CANCUN IS WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!