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When frustrated, people often turn to alcohol to relieve the pressure. It is true that the tranquilizing effects of alcohol deaden our experience of all emotions, including the anxiety produced by stress. However, alcohol also causes us to have less control over the expression of the emotions that we do feel. Often, anger and sadness can be too powerful for alcohol to cover up completely. Ever see a barroom brawl? Where did all that anger come from? It’s like a pressure valve opened and let loose a whole storm of rage that’s been contained for quite a while. Alcohol caused the person to finally lose control enough for the pent up emotions to be released. The problem is the anger got released at the wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong way.
When we express our feelings at the time we’re having them, they don’t go underground to become stress. Resolving conflicts before they escalate into a nasty situation builds relationships that are not weighed down by anger and resentments. You must take responsibility ahead of time for stating your needs and asking for what you want at no negative cost to others. This assertive behavior actually increases your personal satisfaction and the quality of your relationships with others.
Complete communication includes both the head and the heart, both thoughts and feelings. Communication is a sharing of ourselves. We let another person understand what interests us, what pleases or irritates us, and what is important to us and how we see the world. By taking responsibility for our own communication, we more freely express ourselves in the world, and we are at less risk to depend on alcohol or other drugs to give us the permission to do so. That is a powerful way to live.

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A person does not have to drink every day to abuse or be dependent on alcohol. They could drink every other day, only on weekends or just on holidays. The idea that they keep drinking despite bad things happening as a result of their alcohol use is the main factor suggesting they have a drinking problem.
After years of heavy drinking, the heavy drinker starts to have medical problems like ulcers, high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, and heart disease.