The Aztecs:
More than five hundred years ago a mighty people call the Aztecs lived in the region we now call Mexico. They had defeated the other peoples who lived in that area. The Aztecs built a very large city Tenochtitlan. As large as those European cities of those times. Also they called Anahuac which means “the earth the edge of the waters.”
Many of the Aztecs were intrepid warriors who were dedicated to capturing people to sacrifice to their gods. Also fought with the people who lived around its territory, stealing their crops and livestock and captured for use as slaves.

The city wChinampas-aztecas782.gifas crossed by canals.
Aztecs carried their things to the water or on his shoulders. They had no wheeled vehicles.

There were three main roads built to reach the island. Were made of volcanic rock and earth and united the island and the land through bridges could be destroyed if the enemy tried to enter the city.
Aztecs were divided into small family groups called calpollis.
Each had a boss who represented the brackets existed when he had to make decisions.

Aztec gods

Religion had great importance in all aspects of Aztec life. There were hundreds of gods, each representing a different part of nature or human activity. Aztecs believed that the gods had decided what would happen to each person before he was born.

horoscopo_azteca_TEOCHIMALLI-G.jpgThe Aztecs had two calendars. The religious calendar had only 260 days. But the solar calendar had 365 days as the modern West. The solar year was divided into 18 months of 20 days and had five days to spare.
The Aztecs believed the world had gone through the destruction of four suns, before the actual arrival of the fifth sun. The first sun jaguars had been destroyed by the second hurricane the third by fire and flood the room. The fifth would end up being destroyed by earthquakes.

aztecsheart.gifThe sacrifices
Human sacrifices were the most important part of the religion of the Aztecs. Aztecs believed that the heart and blood of the victims kept their strong and powerful gods and so they could protect them and make their crops grow. They also believed that when they killed a brave warrior, his strength was going to the warriors of his tribe.

Many Aztecs even those who lived in cities or around farmers ran. Corn was the most important crop but the Aztecs also cultivated beans avocado squash, sweet peppers and tomatoes
Aztecs ate a lot of different vegetables but ate little meat. Had few large wild animals to hunt and the Aztecs don’t had cows and sheep. The vegetables they ate, such as corn and beans have protein. A mass called hominy tlaxcalli ate almost every meal.

The Aztecs did not use letters to write. Using pictograms, which are drawings that represent a word. Several drawings together to form a sentence. This form of writing was very simple and was used for the files but were written some books on history and religion. The Aztec books called codices are hand drawn deerskin or bark paper.

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History of the Aztecs