(Oaxaca Beaches)

Maybe you are asking yourself if Oaxaca beaches are dirty? Well, let me tell you something: if you never went to Oaxaca, you can't talk like that! Maybe you need to to go Oaxaca. Oaxaca has more beautiful beaches than other states.

Oaxaca has warm water. One of the most prominent characteristics of this beautiful beach is its white and clean sand that is some kind of grain which makes it a pleasure to walk on. Many local people enjoy exercising at this beach; some play beach volleyball, others beach soccer, jogging, some practice yoga, and others just walk on the shore in the morning and evening. Many people find that walking on the sand of Chahue is relaxing and very enjoyable. On New Year's Eve, lots of people can be seen at the beach having fun with relatives and friends. It has become a tradition to spend the night on December 31st dancing, having dinner, listening to music, around open fires at the beach. Some tourists go for fishing and some others watching the sunset. At this beach, many people find the perfect frame for a wedding on the beach, with candlelight and open fires, wearing white clothing to make it more special.

In conclusion, once you have read this paragraph, your opinion may be changed about Oaxaca. In Oaxaca, you can do everything you want. I hope that one day you will go visit and have fun. Good Luck !!!!!!

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