You're bored just hearing about Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. Here is another beautiful place that you can visit and enjoy. It is called Ixtapa, Mexico.

Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo area runs along 26 kilometers of hilly tropical coastline with dozens of sandy beaches and scalloped coves. Sea breezes keep Ixtapa enjoyable year round with an average temperature of 78.8 degrees
and the sun shines approximately 340 days a year. Ixtapa also boasts a myriad of activities for those of you that want to do more than just relax. Ixtapa is usually spoken of in counjuction with Zihuatanejo because the two cities are only 4 miles apart.

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Zihuatanejo is an area targeted by the Mexican government for tourist development . . . but as there was undeveloped beach a few miles away, Ixtapa was born as a destination whose close proximity links it to Zihuatanejo. Ixtapa is made up of beaches, hotels, and a shopping strip with its back to the Sierra Madre mountains. Both of these destinations are spoken as one because they are so close to each other, and you don't have to choose one over the other . . . Just decide which one you want to spend most of your time in.
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Ixtapa is located in the State of Guerrero, Mexico on the Pacific Coast in the area known as the Mexican Rivera.

The hotels and condominiums in Ixtapa along the main beach are mostly high-rises. There are lovely luxury homes, condominiums and vacation accommodations set in quiet neighborhoods. Ixtapa offers over five thousand hotel rooms and villas for you to choose from. Many hotels and resorts offer all-Inclusive packages to bring additional benefits at a lower cost to their guests.
La Casa Que Canta
La Casa Que Canta
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The Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo area is a wonderful place to spend a vacation, because it is a beautiful place ~and besides, it is cheap.
Zihuatanejo is a thriving community that has grown from a fishing village. It is composed of a natural bay surrounded by several beaches. Zihuatanejo has a more authentic Mexican flavor and a large selection of inexpensive restaurants.
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Cruises often stop at Ixtapa. The city has become a major cruise stop and a major attraction for its beaches. Ixtapa can be reached by air, bus and highway and has its own airport. Ixtapa airport is just 30 minutes from Ixtapa in car .Ixtapa was created in the1970s.
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external image 12.1218680280.ixtapa-3.jpgMy advise for you is that when you get an oportunity go to Ixtapa, and do not forget if you go to other beach you will be eat by a cocodrile!!!
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