Did you know? Mexico has more World Heritage sites than any other country in the Americas.

One of this places that were chosen as heritage sites by the UNESCO is Morelia, Mich. This place is very beautiful with its culture and its buildings that are amazing. It located in Southwestern Mexico. This is the city state capital; it was chosen to be the capital because it represents a lot of history from Mexico.

Among the magnificent buildings are the Cathedral and the Palacio de Clavijero, both of which remind visitors of the city’s fascinating history.

Among Morelia's main attractions are:

Las Tarascas

The Cathedral: Construction began in 1669 and was finally completed in 1744. The Cathedral was built with very nice stone and models that were taken from other countries. Further, the inside of this building is very unique. On the inside are unique styles of stones.
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The garden's flowers are ready for the "Mexican Independence Day" celebrations in September.

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Palacio Clavijero

This palace was built in the XVII.... this building was used for the Michoacan Congress, which was placed in this unique building. Now in these days it opens its doors to the public so they can go and observe the magnificent building that was used in the XVII century.
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These are some murals that are found in the Palace. They give you a lot of information about their history.
Hope you can get to visit all of this and more. Thank you