A lot of you guys may think that when people talk about street races there will be cars like the ones that you see in the movies, like these movies show you:

These are movies that try to imitate the street races, but none of them are true. Most of the people that are into street races do not care too much for the outside of their cars. ( i know that kristian wrote that leadies would not jump on a honda but i don't care to much about that i jus wanna be the faster car in the hoood ;) and we would see what leadis thinck)However, the most important thing for them is the engine. They think that the outside doesn’t matter if your car is slow. They want their cars to be fast. 2516img3171mp4.jpg


When you see these cars, you might start laughing and say, "Go back to the junk yard!" However, you don’t want to make these guy angry because you don’t know what is under the hood. This care is a Honda civic 90 dx (hatchback), b20 bottom, gsr head, 6 puck clutch, 310 full injectors, high flow fuel pump, phantom grip in tranny, coilovers, 2.5 full exhaust, short ram intake, str adj. cam gears, aem fuel rail, skunk 2 short shifter, header (forgot the brand), bigger intake manifold
This is one of the most fastest engines of Honda. I’m serious when I say fastest. It's true what I said about fast engines. Do you think this car can be in a movie? You don’t see nice body kit on it. But if the movies were really trying to imitate real street races these would be the kind of cars you would see.

civic3.jpgAs you can, see I’m not lying about this car.

United States

There is a strong racing culture in California,[10] particularly Southern California .[30 It is considered to be the birthplace of North American drag racing[31]. This area was covered in some depth by magazines[citation neededsuch as Turbo and Hi-Tech Performance and Sport Compact Car in the late 1990s.[citation needed
In some cases, this popularity has led to tough anti-street racing laws which give more strict punishments (including
misdemeanors for attending race events) than normal traffic citations and also often involve dedicated anti-racing task forces. San Diego, in Southern California was the first US city to allow the arrest of spectators attending street races.Penalties for violating street racing laws now can include impoundment of the offending vehicle and/or the suspension or revocation of the offender's
Some police departments in the United States have also undertaken community outreach programs to work with the racing community to educate them to the dangers of street racing, as well as to encourage them to race in sanctioned events. This has also led to a campaign introduced in 2000 called RASR a grass-roots enthusiast group consisting of auto manufacturers, after market parts companies, professional drag racers, sanctioning bodies, race tracks and automotive magazines devoted to promoting the use of safe and legal raceways as an alternative to street racingKent's Beat the Heat is a typical example of this type of program. Other such alliances have been forged in southern and central California, reducing the incidence of street racing there.
With the inception of "Evo" in 2003 they became the only motorsports association in the world that is entirely focused on reducing the illegal street racing problem through viable long term solutions on and off the track. Evo was founded at a time when many motorsports organizations and businesses abandoned the Street Scene as a result of the illegal street racing topic losing interest in the media and the profitablility of their programs declining. They offer a variety of programs, services, and programs directed toward engaging the entire community into the solution with their main program being the Evolution Solution.
Jersey City is a popular East coast racing spot. Racers meet at a Dunkin Donuts on Route 440. There they organize the races and head out to "secret locations" to hold the races. Half the races are "just for run" and half are for anything between 100-3000 US dollars.

Even here in Illinois, if they catch you 3 times in illegal races they destroy your car and believe me you don't want to be like this guy!
But even if he sees his car like that he is going to be in street races again. See in street races the adrenaline is so high that you don’t care where or when are you racing I been in street races for little occasions and for my experience I can tell you is cool to be there and even more if you in the car that is racing. But now you now the consequences if you race in the street


Actually most of the guys that I hang out with have Hondas so the car that I like and the one that I know more about is Honda that why I LOVE MY HONDAfgh.jpg there are some pks of it i don have pictures before i fix it like that so if you have a problem with you ride tell me and we can negotiate..

well these car is like mine but in diferent color so thats how it luked before ;)

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